A Stone Cursed Seal cannot attack, use skill, combine, break Combination, or change Line. But its ability still works.

A Stone Curse is known as the easiest way to stop a Seal. From this reason, A Stone Curse deck is often a control deck. It focuses on Stone Cursing opponent Seals, causing the opponent game to slow down. After that, the Stone Curse deck will take adventage from the slowdown of the opponent game to win the game such as keep increasing the Seal's At, then attack the opponent Seal. Some deck use a Seal and/or Mystic Card that uses with a Stone Curse such as destroy the Stone Curse Seals, or remove them, to win the game.

A Stone Curse is often found in [Earth].

An example of a Seal that has a Stone Curse Skill is Medusa.


Interesting Facts about Stone CurseEdit

1. You can stop an attack/Skill of a Seal by Stone Curse it such as using Houdini to it.

2. The rule of Active/Inactive Seal still effects on a Stone Cursed Seal like a normal Seal.

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