Regeneration is a special ability that can be found onDragon. It makes you can order a Seal that has a Growth Box to activate Regeneration. By removing the conditioned Seal(s) that are indicated at the Growth Box on your Arena at the start of its owner's Attack Subturn, that Seal is treated as it is in a state of Growth and obtains Skills/Ablilties in the Growth Box. However, Regeneration is not a Growth (It is not considered as you have activated a Growth).

This special ability first appeared in Dragonology Regeneration.

Rules of RegenerationEdit

  1. You can activate a Regeneration once per subturn.
  2. You can only activate a Regeneration in the Attack Subturn that comes by passing turn regularly.
  3. You cannot activate a Regeneration at the Seal that has already activated a Growth.

An Example of a Seal that has a Regeneration ability is Thalucas, Arimathea's Dragoon of Thaliwilya.

Thalucus, Arimathea’s Dragoon of Thaliwilya

Interesting Facts about RegenerationEdit

  1. Every Seals that have Growth Box can activate Regeneration although "Regeneration" is not written in the Growth Box.
  2. A Regeneration is not an Ability. It is an engine that makes A Seal obtains Skill/Ability in a Growth Box. From this reason, A Seal that loses Ability still can activate Regeneration.
  3. If A Seal that has activated a Regeneration loses Skill/Ability, its Skill/Ability obtained from the Regeneration is lost.
  4. You cannot select a Charm Cursed Seal as a Regeneration-conditioned Seal (A Charm Cursed Seal is still in the opponent Arena).
  5. You can select your Dimension Cursed Seal as a Regeneration-conditioned Seal (A Dimension Cursed Seal is still in your Arena).
  6. If a Seal that has activated a Regeneration is moved from the Arena and then comes back to the Arena again, It is not a Seal that has activated a Regeneration anymore.

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