In Summoner Master, there are five types of Rarity.

1. Common

A Common card is the easiest card to find. A Common card is identified by having a white Version's symbol.

An example of a Common card is Helio Griffin.

Helio Griffin

2. Uncommon

An Uncommon card is harder to find than a Common card. An Uncommon card is identified by having a green Version's symbol. In Dividing of 4 Kingdoms Version, An Uncommon card is identified by having a grey Version's symbol.

An example of Uncommon cards are Vioria, the Frigid Witch, and Marina, the Mermaid.

Vioria, the Frigid WitchMarina, the Mermaid

3. Rare

A Rare card is the hardest card to find. A Rare card is identified by having a yellow Version's symbol.

An example of a Rare card is Andre, the King of Annedisonge.

Andre, the King of Annedisonge

There is also a Secret Rare card, a Rare card which is extremely hard to find, in some Versions. They appears only one card per Version except Hymn of Exodus III (There are six Secret Rare cards in Hymn of Exodus III Version).

An example of a Secret Rare card is Zechariah Marvin, the Magus.

Zechariah Marvin, the Magus


This type appears in Special Versions such as Exigency, Dragonology, and Starter. In these Versions, all cards in the Versions are Special cards.

An example of a Special card is Angel of Harvest.

Angel of Harvest


A Promo card can be found as a part of Wiser Magazine, a reward of a Tournament, or a card from an official trading campaign. This type appears in promotional Versions such as Treasure, and Celebration.

An example of a Promo card is Mistral Garuda.

Mistral Garuda

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