Phoenix, the Wings of Revolution

Seal InformationEdit

Type Beast DivineBeastDivine
Mp 4/3
Lv 3
Rarity Special
At / Df / Sp 10 / 7 / 3
Element FireFire

+ Fire Flame Engulf At 12 Mp 3

+ FireFire Revolutionary Flame At 13 Mp 4


> While there is other Fire on the Arena, during your Main Step, you can randomly send 1 Seal from your Library to the Shrine, then you randomly spell 1 Mystic from your Library by not paying its Spelling Mp (your Arena 2 Up Work 1).

> When your N(Phoenix) and/or Lv 2 or higher FireBeast attacks, you can discard 1 card in your Hand, then all +At effects on an attacked Seal become -At effects instead until the end of the attack .


> Return 1 FireBeast that is sent to the Shrine from the Library in this Subturn to the Library (Mp 2).

Illustrator Paman
Version Diamond Blood
Verno 3

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