Mystic represent spells that support your game, and/or play tricks on your opponent.


  1. Name of Mystic
  2. Type of Mystic (TarotTarot, RelicRelic, PlacePlace, DevasDevas, RevelationRevelation, or StarTemplate:Star)
  3. Picture of Mystic
  4. Spelling Mp of Mystic.
  5. Interfere. It shows you whether a Mystic can be spelled at anytime or not.
  6. Rarity. On most boosters: White=Common, Green=Uncommon, Yellow=Rare.
  7. Turn. A Turn(s) that a Mystic remains on the Arena.
  8. Pasted. It shows what a Mystic is pasted to. (PSPss = On Seal, PAPaa = On Arena, PMPm = On Mystic, or NonP = No Target)
  9. Text Box of Mystic. It shows you Mystic's Skill, Ability, etc.
  10. Exception. A Mystic cannot use with the stated condition(s) of Seals, or Mystics.

Types and Pasted of MysticEdit

Types of MysticEdit

  1. TarotTarot
  2. RelicRelic
  3. PlacePlace
  4. DevasDevas
  5. RevelationRevelation
  6. StarTemplate:Star

Pasted of MysticEdit

  1. PSPss - Paste on Seal
  2. PAPaa - Paste on Arena
  3. PMPm - Paste on Mystic
  4. NonP - no paste

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