Mp (Mana Points) are the points that use in order to summon a Seal, order a Seal to attack or use a Skill, spell a Mystic, and order a Mystic to use a Skill.

There are three main types of Mp.

  1. Summoning /Spelling Mp (Mp used when summoning a Seal, or spelling a Mystic)
  2. Attack Mp (Mp used when ordering a Seal to attack)
  3. Skill Mp (Mp used when ordering a Seal or a Mystic to use a Skill)

Interesting facts about MpEdit

  1. When the Mp value of a card is lower than 0, that card's Mp value is 0. But when there are effects that change the value of that card's Mp, the value is changed from the value that is lower than 0.
  2. There are two types of effects which change a Mp value.
  • An effect which makes the Mp value equal to a value indicated in the effect.
  • An effect which increases/decreases the Mp value.
If there are both types of the effects activate on one card, applying the "equal to" effect first, then applying the "increase/decrease" effect.

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