Keoni, Weretiger Commander

Seal InformationEdit

Type KnightKnight
Mp 3/1
Lv 2
Rarity Special
At / Df / Sp 7 / 8 / 3
Element EarthEarth

+ Earth Wild Swing At 9 Mp 2

+ EarthEarth Threatening Roar At 11 Mp 3


> This card gets +At equal to a number of Seals which have Skill on the Arena.

> When this card goes to the Hand by an effect of a Skill and/or Ability of a Lv 3 or higher KnightEarth, Put this card from the Hand to the Arena.

> While there is an other KnightEarth on the Arena, at the start of your Attack Subturn, every Seals on your opponent Arena or in your opponent Shrine cannot use their Skills until the end of the Subturn.

> While there is an other KnightEarth on the Arena, your opponent cannot order a Seal on his or her Hand to use a Skill in your Attack Subturn.

Skill NULL
Illustrator Chainarong Watcharinkarn
Version Diamond Blood
Verno 4

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