A Freeze Cursed Seal goes to the Df Line and cannot change Line and attack, but It can use Skill, combine, or break Combination if the conditions are correct. Its ability still works.

Like Stone Curse, using Freeze Curse is one of the way to slow down an opponent game. Although it is not as good for slowing down the opponent game as a Stone Curse, a Freeze Curse has another interesting good point. Because a Freeze Curse makes a Seal to go to Df Line, It is a good tool to assist your Seal's attack. You can use Freeze Curse to Freeze Curse a Seal and attack it at Df Line. By comparing your Seal's At with the opponent Seal's Df, the chance to win the battle is higher than a normal attack. You can also Freeze Curse the opponent Seal to open the way to attack the other Seals at Df Line. This trick is a good way to eliminate the Seal that support the opponent game.

A Freeze Curse is often found in [Water] and [Fish].

An example of a Seal that has a Stone Curse Skill is Armadillon.


Interesting Facts about Freeze CurseEdit

1. If there is an effect that cannot change Line affects a Freeze Cursed Seal, the Freeze Cursed Seal does not has to go to Df Line.

2. You can stop an attack of a Seal by Freeze Curse it such as using Cool Moon to it.

3. The rule of Active/Inactive Seal still affects on a Freeze Cursed Seal like a normal Seal.

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