Fire Guardian Ninja

Seal InformationEdit

Type Mage Ninja
Mp 3/2
Lv 3
Rarity special
At / Df / Sp 8 / 8 / 4
Element Fire

+[Fire] Kaen Ninjitsu At 10 Mp 3

+[Fire][Fire] Gisei no Hi At 11 Mp 3


> Vanish 3 Turn.

> When this card attacks, you can discard 1 [Fire] on your Hand, then this card gets At +X 2 Turns (When X is the discarded [Fire]'s Summoning Mp).

Skill > Sacrifice 1 [Fire], then destroy 1 uncombined Seal on the Arena that has less Lv than the sacrificed Seal's Lv (At Line)(Mp 3).
Illustrator Chainarong Watcharinkarn
Version Crimson Sakura
Verno 29

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