Curse is another way of destroying, or play tricks on your opponent's Seals and it can be another way of winning instead of an attack.

There are seven types of Curse.

  1. Poison Curse: A Poison Cursed Seal is destroyed when the Turns that indicates on the Curse ends.
  2. Stone Curse: A Stone Cursed Seal cannot attack, use Skill, combine, break a Combination, or change a Line. But its Ability still works.
  3. Freeze Curse: A Freeze Cursed Seal goes to the Df Line and cannot change a Line nor attack, but It can use Skill, combine, or break a Combination if the conditions are correct. Its Ability still works.
  4. Last Dance Curse: A Last Dance Cursed Seal gets an effect(s) that indicates on the Curse such as "gets +At ...", "gets an Ability ...", and is destroyed when the Turns that indicates on the Curse ends.
  5. Death Curse: A Death Cursed Seal is destroyed immediately.
  6. Charm Curse: A Charm Cursed Seal is taken control by the player who use the card effect to Charm Curse it. It can attack or change a Line but cannot combine, break a Combination, using Skill, or attack to Hand. A Charm Cursed Seal is still in the card owner's Arena, and the card owner designate the effect of a Charm Cursed Seal that refers to "you" or do not refer to anyone.
  7. Dimension Curse: A Dimension Cursed Seal is still on the Arena, but is not in any Line. It cannot attack, use skill, combine, break a Combination, or change a Line. It cannot be selected as an attack target, but can be selected as Skills/Abilities target of Seal and Mystic. When an effect of a Dimension Curse is gone, the card owner has to designate a Line of that Seal.

Interesting Facts about CurseEdit

  1. A Cursed Seal cannot be a Suppot Seal, but it can be a Main Seal.
  2. If a combined Seal gets Curse, When that Seal breaks its Combination, only the Main Seal gets Curse.
  3. A Seal cannot gets the same Curse.
  4. A Seal can gets more than one Curse.

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