Combination is a state of Seal in which 1 Seal combines with other one or two Seal(s). When a Seal is combining, you have to put Seals you have to combine each other into one pile. A Main Seal is a Seal that is above other Seal(s). A Support Seal is a Seal that is under a Main Seal. After combining, the Main Seal gets a new original At, Df, Sp, and/or Attack Mp that indicates in the Combination Box. There are two types of Combination, Double Combination and Triple Combination. Double Combination is a Combination form in which a Main Seal has one Support Seal. Triple Combination is a Combination form in which a Main Seal has two Support Seal. You can order 1 Seal to combine and/or break Combination once per Turn.

Interesting Facts about CombinationEdit

1. You can order 1 Seal to break its Combination and then combines with another Seal at the same Turn.

2. You cannot order a Seal to break its Combination the Turn you has ordered that Seal to combine.

3. You can only order a Seal to combine and/or break its Combination in your Attack Subturn.

4. You have order a Seal to combine with an appropriate Seal (See in the Combination box).

5. A Seal that comes to the Arena from the Hand cannot be selected as a Support Seal in the Turn that the Seal comes to the Arena.

6. When a Seal breaks its combination, its Support Seal(s) will be in the same Line as the Main Seal.

7. When a Seal is in a Combination, it is considered as one Seal (A Main Seal) (It is still on the Arena but its effects such as Skill, Ability, its Type, and its Element is not applied).

8. If you order a combined Seal that is affected by an "X" to break its Combination, its Support Seal(s) will not be affected by an "X" effect.

9. You cannot order a Support Seal(s) to attack, or use Skill. Its Ability does not work.

10. If you break a combination of a Seal which is attacking(All) or attacking(times), it changes to a normal attack and is not in a Combination form (that Seal has to continue the attack).

11. If a combined Seal is sent from the Arena to another Zone, its Support Seal(s) will be sent to that Zone too (Considered as if each Seal is a single Seal, not a combined Seal).

12. You cannot change a Conbination of a combined Seal (You can only choose a Combination form when you order it to combine). If you want to change it, you have to break its Combination, then combines them again.

13. If a Support Seal is appropriate in two or more Combination forms, you must select a Combination form which has the most significance.

Order of Combination

Name of a Seal > N[] > Version of a Seal > Type of a Seal > Elememt of a Seal > Any Element

If there are two or more Combination forms which have the same significance, You can choose one of those form.

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