Agent Arosel

Seal InformationEdit

Type KnightKnight
Mp 2/1
Lv 2
Rarity Special
At / Df / Sp 7 / 9 / 4
Element WindWind

+ Wind Shooting Wind At 9 Sp 5 Mp 2

+ Knight Bliz Flash At 10 Mp 3


> While there is Wind and/or N(Archer) on the Arena, put this card from your Hand to the Arena, then you look at your opponent's Hand, then return 1 card in your opponent's Hand to the Library Int(Mp 3).


> Shade of N(Archer).

> While there is a Seal at your opponent At Line which has a higher Df than this card's, this card can attack a Seal at Df Line.

Illustrator Wathawijit
Version Grand Gravitas Agency
Verno 3

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