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The new style card game from Santo Nino Company Ltd. created and invented by Thai and, in the same time, represent the unique style of the card game.

This game is very creative and innovative to encourage card players to pratice their logical thinking and strategy planning, Summoner Master is added to one of the existing indoor games such as Chess, GO, Scrabble, and crossword.

There are many various ways to play Summoner Master card game because the card player could create their own card deck which will show creative talent of each player.


Summoner Master insets many meritorious ideas throughout the game play and by playing this game; players may receive both wisdom and entertainment.

There is no direct attack against opponent in the game:Edit

The Summoner Master game play is based on the battle between the seals (Character Cards). You can't assign your seal to attack your opponent directly. You summon creatures to battle for you. This way each of the players won't feel that they are being attacked by their opponent. It's just the seal that launches the battles between them. When the seal or character is defeated, it doesn't die or put into a graveyard like the other card games. That fallen seal would be brought to a place called a “Shrine”. A Shrine is a place where defeated seals can rest peacefully. It is not like you destroy each other's seal, so the game doesn't try to promote any offensive ideas.

Unity from Combination system:Edit

Combinations are the state in which two or three seals combine with each other to get stronger. This system promotes the idea of unity and cooperation where some difficult task cannot be finished of you try to do it all by yourself, but if you work together with the others. Those tasks can be easily done as a result of this unity and cooperation. You can also combine a seal with the other seals that have different elements and races. This promotes the idea that you should also open your mind and work with those who are different from you not just those you are familiar with or those who have the same level as you.

Card strategic planning & implementation:Edit

There are tons of cards in the world of Summoner Master, each of them having their own strengths and weakness together with various skills and abilities. Some cards may look weak at the first glance, but they may process the ability to support the other cards and make your game proceed smoothly. This promotes the idea of planning and implementation, where each person should be based on their qualification so that each of them can reach their highest potential. This also promotes the idea that there is no one that is totally useless, everyone born with some sort of gift and / or talent, and that talent may shine brightly if you put enough effort into it.

Resource allocation:Edit

Resourcing is one of the most important factors in the game, that's why resource allocation is the key to win the game. In Summoner Master there is MP (Magic Points) as a main resource that you need to play before you are able to do most any action from the summon seal, to assign a seal to cast spells. Players need to plan how to use this MP resource to fit their own strategies. For example: players can choose whether to pay most MP to summon one strong seal or pay MP to summon many weaker seals instead. It's all based on the situation and the strategy of each player and how they will allocate that resource.

Social Interaction:Edit

You can't play this card game solely by yourself; you need one or more friends to play with you. It's totally different from a console game which you can play the game against a programmed character. Those you are playing with are human just like you, so interaction between each player is needed. The game promotes social interaction between each player and new friends can also be found from playing this game.


The style of art in Summoner Master is quite beautiful and magnificent. It's the result of the combination between realistic classical style like “Magic: the Gathering” and cartoonish manga style (Japanese cartoon style) like “Yu-Gi-Oh”. The overall mood and tone of the illustrations are bright, calm and warm. People can feel at ease and relax when they look at the pictures. Only a small number of illustrations from some of the elements may look fierce for the sale of colorfulness. Those who are stressed from their work may feel more relaxed and forget about their stresses while playing this card game.

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